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Tripolis Dialogue is one of the pioneers of professional email marketing in Europe and offers one of the most comprehensive packages with an uncluttered appearance. The package is excellent to use, though we can imagine that the beginner still needs support for this tool.

Triggered campaigns

Building complex campaigns and large email lifecycles goes with the help of a drag & drop campaign flow editor and is thus very clear. In this way, setting up complex campaigns isn’t only easy to do, including the set-up of rules who receives what, but it also offers good oversight once the campaign is live.


Normally support can be the Achilles’ heel, when looking at the average software vendor. However, the help Tripolis offers makes us very happy!

Clean, integrations and deliverability

As mentioned, Tripolis offers a complete package with a clean and uncluttered interface. Additional advantage is the extensive rights administration, with which you can hide complex functionality for colleagues which have less experience. Als, deliverability wise Tripolis scores very high, with many options to set your domain exactly the way you like.

Furthermore, since the end of 2017, additional features have been introduced, such as a relational database and the (beta) integration with Zapier.

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