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Pardot is the B2B marketing automation software of Salesforce. Complete but still providing a clear interface, this tool allows for email marketing as well as automation of Adwords, SEO and Social Media marketing.

As an extention of the CRM, Pardot aims to convert leads fully automated from marketing to sales ready. Allowing you to properly approach both leads as well as customers in a very personal way, with relevant content based on their online behaviour. Clearly the fact that Pardot enables this, doesn’t make this task an easy one, but still, all is possible.


Pardot is, also since it is from the Salesforce family, truly only interesting when you want to support B2B sales. The database structure, but also the automation rules and the segmentation options, all are aimed at B2B (business to business) sales.

Versions Basic, Pro or Ultimate

As mentioned, the tool offers a lot of functionality, but you will not find this in every version. The Basic plan for instance, doesn’t offer API access, nor can you conduct a regular A/B test. So if the budget allows for it, we would highly recommend to start with the Pro version.

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