Where other tools preferably add as many features as possible, the tool Revue would likely do the opposite. Keep it as simple as possible. It’s focus clearly is at making the newsletter creation process as easy as it possibly can be.

Content Curation

Thanks to the many integrations with Social Media and Content Channels, Revue has become the absolute leader at allowing it’s users to import and re-use interesting content anywhere. Should you spot something on Instagram or Twitter, then you can add it to the newsletter in seconds. The Chrome and Safari plugin facilitate to import, link images and content from regular websites.

Perfect for any blogger

A perfect fit for any journalist, blogger or thought leader who wishes to keep his or her network up to date on the latest interesting news.  Looking at the type of integrations, it becomes clear that this software is all about gathering and using content.

So in short, a unique tool for people wanting not to sell, but to tell their story. Without having to pay big time for an app.

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