MailPlus is a robust tool which focuses on facilitating email marketing for it’s userbase, regardless of their level of knowledge.

MailPlus clearly offers added value compared to the average email marketing package: it’s a userfriendly tool with a broad range of functionality. Although we wouldn’t directly recommend this tool to tech savvy programmers, looking to tweak every detail, it definately is suitable for a wide variety of users from online marketeers, to eshop owners and communication professionals.

Versions of MailPlus

MailPlus is offered in 5 different versions, which in turn can be extended with API and FTP access. With 2 versions, one basic and one premium, for both Marcom and eCom, you are bound to find a good fit.

With the eCom version you can connect your online store, which allows for each synchronisation of your target groups and their purchase history from your shop. The Marcom version is tailored to those companies which don’t have an online shop, but still require event-triggered campaigns and profile enrichment.

For larger companies with multiple locations or franchises, MailPlus franchise allows for creation of newsletters by both HQ as well as the individual franchisers. This version makes the creation of newsletters with local content a breeze.

MailPlus is produced by Spotler.

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