Copernica offers a comprehensive tool offering a lot of options. Aimed at enabling basically all forms of dialogue marketing, Copernica enables you to truly communicate multi channel based on profile and behaviour.

The software is ideal for extensive campaigns. You can also create text messages, web pages, forms, surveys and personalized PDF documents In addition to e-mails. Data from completed questionnaires and forms are stored directly in the relational (!) Database allowing easy follow-up actions can be set.


Copernica also has many integration options available and has covered eCommerce very well. The integrations are mostly offered and maintained by specialized partners. This has the benefit that they are updated often and that there are sufficient additional support options possible.

Marketing Suite

For long, it wasn’t the number of features offered by Copernica, that required improvement, but it was their user interface instead.¬† However, with the introduction of the Marketing Suite, the usability has increased hughely. Now it is easy to create templates without any HTML knowledge, using the template editor. Even though the Marketing Suite doesn’t rival the Publisher in functionality, since switching between both “views/interfaces” is so easy, this doesn’t really matter in practice.

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Connections Copernica

  • CRM
    • Microsoft Dynamics
    • Oracle Siebel
    • PerfectView
    • Salesforce
    • Sugar CRM
    • Teamleader
    • Zoho
  • eCommerce
    • CCVshop
    • ECmanager
    • EPIserver
    • Hybris
    • Lightspeed
    • Magento 1 & 2
    • Prestashop
    • WooCommerce
    • SANA
  • CMS
    • Drupal
    • GXsoftware
    • Joomla
    • Umbraco
    • WordPress
  • Analytics
    • Google Analytics
    • Klipfolio
  • Other
    • 250-OK
    • BaseDriver
    • Bewotec
    • BlueConic
    • Brilliant
    • CocoSoft
    • Datatrics
    • Exact
    • iFunds
    • MicrosFidelio
    • NomiNow
    • Opera
    • RetailVista
    • ShoppingMinds
    • ValkSolutions
    • Wiqhit
    • WooBox

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