Clang is first and foremost a tool which enables you to set up complex email life cycle campaigns. Combined with the relational database, this software offers everything you need for profile based multi channel marketing.

Grafical campaign editor

As one of the first tools offering a graphical campaign flow editor, it’s continued development has resulted in mature and well thought through features. The recent redesign has also contributed to this, resulting in even more capabilities for setting up event-triggered campaigns.

Database design

Top notch is the way with which you can design the database structure to fit your needs. You can add orders, or any other data easily in Clang, as you yourself can link the various data sources and tables.

Tailor made

Should the above not fully meet your demands, then there are additional options for tailor made solutions. The team of eVillage, developer of Clang, will be able to support you with this as well as other consultancy services.

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