Act-On is a comprehensive software package which focuses primarily on marketing automation. The package is user friendly and has a considerable number of very smart features. With a strong network of supporting agency partners, this is an interesting option if you’re looking for a truly all-round software package.

Lead Scoring

A function that Act-On differs from most other regular newsletter software, is the multiple dimension lead scoring feature. By analysing the preferences and interests of visitors, you have a much better insight what your potential customer actually wants. In addition, with the right CRM integration, this also allows for a well timed follow up from sales. Not to late, but surely also not too soon.

Multiple channels

Within Act-On the user can combine multiple marketing channels, when setting up campaigns. For instance, it is possible to also use the results of any Adwords and SEO advertisements when setting up a campaign. This way you can enhance the relevance of your campaigns and improve the cost per lead.

The price

Just as with other software providing mature marketing automation capabilities, Act-On is priced at a premium as compared to the regular email marketing software aimed at SMB. Still, with Act-On it is nice that you only pay for records which are actively used. This is especially appealing for companies who like to keep their brand top of mind now and then, but who let the customer decide on the momentum for reaching out.

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