About us

Emailmarketingsoftware.com is an initiative of 22 Times, the most conversion-driven email marketing agency in the Netherlands.

As a software-independent email marketing agency, we have been working for over a decade with the vision that software should be above all supportive. At the same time we know better than anyone that a poor match between the organization and software can stand in the way of good (email) marketing.

With this website we hope to provide considered options for the right email marketing software, which can then be deployed optimally and used to its full advantage.

Do you want support for your decision? Or a brainstorming session to outline your strategy?
Please feel free to contact Erwin Moojen, CEO of 22 Times, for a consultation or an appointment.

22 Times: Prize-winning email marketing consultancy

22 Times is a unique, innovative agency with a strong focus on conversion.
That’s not all:

  • 22 Times devises and implements contact strategy all the way to optimization.On location if desired.
  • Implementation is fast, but never quick & amp; dirty. If desired, we can guarantee fulfilment of a campaign within 22 hours.
  • 22 Times focuses entirely on email marketing, for the simple reason that real knowledge and experience ensures quality and a leading position – things that can’t be found with ‘all-rounders’.
  • 22 Times invests substantially in the development of its employees’ technical and marketing knowledge.The result of this is a large number of satisfied customers, and award-winning projects. Read here more about EMMA – 22 Times with UPC won.
  • In addition, 22 Times has been listed in the Emerce top 100 in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

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